Residenssi 2021

Tanssille ry:n residenssi lue lisää

DEMO esitys 1.10.2021 klo 14.00

Welcome to a work-in-progress presentation of A cCompany Dancing!

Riikka Lakea and Vincent Jonsson will be working on their improvisation practice "dancing music" in Tanssille ry residency under the project name A cCompany Dancing. At the end of the residency they will share their findings in a work-in-progress presentation.

"Dancing music" consists of different scores that play with applying tools from musical composition to movement composition. The scores play with elements like polyrhythms, leading and following, contrasting and mimicking, characters and emotional affect among other things. The showing will be a sketch of a performance EP consisting of short compositions travelling through different bodily and sonic situations, atmospheres and landscapes.

When: Friday 1.10. at 14:00

Where: Studio LEI2 @ Leipätehdas, Kaikukatu 4 A, inner yard, 5th floor

Duration: 30 min

We kindly ask you to wear a face mask during your stay at Leipätehdas. The presentation will be documented with photo and film.


Riikka Lakea (FI) and Vincent Jonsson (SE/DK) are dancemakers, music lovers and colleagues. They have both worked as performers and choreographers especially in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Lakea holds an MA in Dance Performance and works as a producer of performing arts in addition to her artistic work. Jonsson holds a BA in Dance & Choreography, has taught dance in numerous European countries, and worked as the head of dance at Lunnevads Folkhögskola's dance educations.