Festival Week I

First Festival Week 4.10.-7.10.2021

Tanssille ry is celebrating its 20th anniversary by organizing a special program during the Autumn season. 

Some of the workshops and lectures can be held either in English or Finnish. Tickets are available in our web store. You can participate in these hybrid workshops also online. Please notice that there are limited number of tickets available for the studio. 


Monday 4.10. at 10-12.00 NETWORKING EVENT: FESTIVAL WEEK'S OPENING BREAKFAST (duration 2h)
If needed, the event can be held in English

Tanssille ry's Festival Weeks will start with a shared breakfast at Bruket Cafe at Leipätehdas. During the delicious breakfast there will be an opportunity to socialise and to meet colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. The event proceeds to a facilitated speed meeting, where the participants will have a possibility to get to know new colleagues.

The event costs only the price of the breakfast 10,60€.

Address: Bruket Cafe / Kaikukatu 4B (Leipätehdas).
Registration and payment through the link:

(Tuesday 5.10. canceled)

Wednesday 6.10. at 10-13.00 PEDAGOGY WORKSHOP (duration 3h)

If needed, the event can be held in English
You can participate in this hybrid workshop also online

Soile Lahdenperä´s introduction (about 1h)

  • How to shift from one role to another: working as a dancer / choreographer and as a teacher

  • Appreciation towards dance teachers? Have attitudes changed over the years? Who can call themselves an artist? Is the work lonely?

At the end of the introduction there will be time for questions.
Facilitated discussion in small groups and in the end an open discussion with everyone (about 2h)

(duration 2h)

If needed, the workshop can be held in English
You can participate in this hybrid workshop also online

Choreographer Janina Rajakangas will present her approach to score-based working in theory and practice. She will present her own practice.

(Friday 8.10. canceled)

Second Week 17.11.-19.11.2021

(15.11. postponed to 31.1.2022)
(16.11. canceled)

Wed 17.11. at 10-12.00 Score workshop by Samee Haapa, Leipätehdas 5. floor studio LEI2

The workshop explores possibilities of preventing movement as a starting point for movement material. It investigates strong contrasts that arise from tying together seemingly opposite techniques of free movement familiar from contemporary dance and the blocking of movement in shibari. The aim of the workshop is not to teach shibari technique beyond a few basic starting points, but to tie together contemporary dance and shibari from the point of view of performing arts. The workshop is purely movement-based workshop and it doesn't include nudity or other elements sometimes associated with shibari. The workshop uses contact improvisation as one technical base so it includes some amount of touch in partner work. You can come to the workshop like to any contemporary dance class and you don't have to have your own ropes. If you want to bring your own ropes, that's also allowed.

Samee Haapa is an artistic director, researcher, director, performer and a dj. They have a degree in dance, acting and anthropology. Haapa is finalizing their artistic doctorate on

(18.11. canceled)

Fri 19.11. at 10-12.00 Score workshop by f-ART-House, Leipätehdas 5. floor studio LEI2

Performer Iiris Laakso will present F-ART House group's approach to score-based working in BODYCTRL performance. BODYCTRL is a contemporary dance performance striving to release the body from the assumptions and imageries by which it is limited. Through BODYCTRL, the f-ART House group challenges the viewer to question and recognise the imageries through which a female assumed body is viewed in our society. The flesh alters and changes its recognisable form - melts into one shared experience and unfolds again. Flesh moves, performs and rests, loses its form and meaning, and reverts back into the human body.

Here is the link to BODYCTRL https://farthouse.fi/tyot/bodyctrl-2019/.